GPAS Asset Tracking Services

Asset Tracking & Verification Allows the serialisation and storage of associated attributes which will be applied to assets that need...

GPAS Serialisation Services

GPAS Serialisation Services GPAS protects via ‘Item Level Serialisation’, unique identification of products from point of manufacture with GPAS cryptographically...

GPAS Brand Protection Services

GPAS Brand Protection In our view brand protection starts with the ability to uniquely identify products. Unique serial codes are...

GPAS IOT Services

GPAS IOT Services GPAS enables the monitoring, management and prevention of illicit supply chain and grey market activity. i.e. The...

GPAS Blockchain Services

GPAS Blockchain Service is an extension to our existing GPAS capabilities that targets specific benefits that a blockchain solutioning approach...

GPAS Traceability Services

Value Chain Traceability Services GPAS maps the client value chain and the product/shipment changes of custody, business processes and traceability...

GPAS – Anticipated Business Pain Points

GPAS is an innovative and comprehensive cloud-based Brand Protection, Track & Trace and Consumer Engagement Service that drives business value by addressing problems and challenges that organisations face when operating within global markets.

Worldwide Sales Team

Peter Gadd

Micro Focus SW Service Global Sales Director

2.7 Billion

The number of GPAS Codes in circulation


The number of countries a GPAS code has been scanned in


The number of brands protected by GPAS