Brand protection through the cloud

GPAS Brand Protection Through the cloud

Brand manager fights counterfeiting with HP cloud solution; consumers authenticate genuine HP ink cartridges with
mobile phones

“Every counterfeit that’s identified turns into a selling opportunity for HP, and the consumer gets the value that they’re paying for.”
Dave Kellar, brand protection engineer, HP Inkjet and Printing Solutions

HP thwarts counterfeiters

To combat the counterfeiting of its ink cartridges, HP uses the Global Product Authentication Service, a cloud solution that combines encrypted security labels and mobile product authentication technology.

Helping consumers identify counterfeits

Somewhere in the world, a consumer is about to buy an HP ink cartridge for an HP printer. The package looks legitimate and the seller says it’s a genuine HP cartridge. But how can the consumer know it’s real? Due to a sharp rise in counterfeiting, verifying a product’s authenticity is harder than ever. In fact, the US Chamber of Commerce reports that 64% of counterfeit products are purchased in legitimate shops and retailers.

HP’s Inkjet Printing and Solutions business, which sells millions of ink cartridges globally each year, has seen increased counterfeiting of its cartridges in recent years. And while HP has made progress curtailing counterfeiting, it wasn’t until it launched a cloud-based anti-counterfeit solution, that it really gained control of the problem. [Read our case study for more]

Brand managers get powerful tool to fight counterfeiting

For HP Inkjet and Printing Solutions’ Kellar, the GPAS solution is an indispensable tool for fighting counterfeiters. The GPAS Web Portal shows the products that are being counterfeited, and the regions and cities where it’s occurring. It also provides the business intelligence necessary to disrupt counterfeit activities.

The GPAS Web Portal’s real-time analytics include:

  • Geographic locations of valid security label authentications
  • Geographic locations of invalid security label authentications
  • Products that are most at risk to counterfeiting
  • Trends showing geographic location of potential counterfeiting

The GPAS Web Portal features heat maps that display where both valid and invalid security label authentications are taking place. A cluster of invalid labels indicates a hotspot of counterfeit activity. The heat maps allow HP Inkjet and Printing Solutions’ brand manager to easily identify counterfeiting hotspots and act on them quickly.

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