GPAS @ Label Expo Brussels 2017

GPAS @ Label Expo Brussels 2017

Micro Focus GPAS @ Label Expo in Brussels September 2017

September 25th saw the opening of Label Expo in Brussels this year, and to say it was a spectacular event would not do it justice. It was over 1,800 sq meters of printers and more printers. Never had we seen such a wonderful and brilliant display of print technology. A credit has to go to the organisers of the event.

Companies like HP were present up to 4 weeks before the event getting their printers built, configured and running. Never mind all of the booths that had to be built and the network configurations. I have to say personally the WiFi for all was fantastic, at least in our Hewlett Parkard place it was. Well done to those, it made working there for the week a breeze.

You were met with a fantastic welcome from the time you checked in to when you left. You could see from the moment we arrived that it was going to be an excellent show, the attention to detail, the organisation of all the staff. Put that along with the local Brussels transport services giving all attending personnel free Metro and train passes. The bus service from the city & airport was good from what I hear, personally I used the Metro/train. It was the business.

Inside we were located at a perfectly located at the HP ‘Brand Protection’ booth. It provide adequate space for us to showcase GPAS and our capabilities as you can see from the image.

During the 4 days of our presence we met up to 100 potential clients through introductions via the HP Brand Protection team. Monday & Tuesday were the busier of the the days where both of us were constantly engaged by existing & potential clients. The ability for us to display the range of products we can protect was fantastic.

Printing of sample product was ongoing, selling of HP Indigo presses were a constant, demonstrations of the machines and their capabilities was ever present. We even had some of our sample product printed via the HP Indigo 6800 series as you can see in the image below. (My camera wasn’t quick enough to capture a non blurry image!! The machines run way to fast!!)


Overall a brilliant experience that was well worth attending.

Thanks to all in HP who supported us while we were there.