Case Study: Zhugeniang White Spirit & Micro Focus GPAS

GPAS Zhugengiang White Spirit protected by GPAS

Zhugeniang white spirit is making good use of Micro Focus GPAS to Protect its brand and carry out marketing promotion 

诸葛酿白酒利用惠普全球产品鉴证服务去进行品牌保护 和市场推广活动

Zhugeniang is a mid-range brand of white spirits in Guangdong Province, which achieves high sales in the region. In the past this brand has been threatened with counterfeit products, and in the past has adopted different anti-counterfeit technologies for brand protection. However, the result of these technologies failed to mitigate this issue. Furthermore, it caused some major issues for the marketing team. Therefore, the brand owner was seeking for a best in-class solution to overcome these challenges. This is why we introduced Micro Focus Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS) to Zhugeniang.

诸葛酿是一个中端白酒品牌,在广东地区销售非常不错。但一直面 临假冒产品的威胁,公司一直也采用了不同的防伪技术去进行品牌 保护,但一直效果不佳,特别是在进行市场推广活动中,都遇到了 不同的麻烦。所以品牌拥有者一直在寻求最合适的解决方案,直到 被介绍了全球商品认证服务(Micro Focus GPAS)!

Micro Focus GPAS 全球商品鉴证服务

The Micro Focus Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS) is a cloud-based Brand Protection and Track & Trace service that helps organizations fight against the scourge of product counterfeiting whilst supporting traceability throughout the Supply Chain.


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