GPAS Anticipated Pain Points

Brand Manager

  • Impact of brand damage
  • Grey market activity
  • Lack of customer data
  • After hours manufacturing
  • Serialisation
  • Counterfeit prevention
  • Lack of “situational awareness”


  • Reduced revenue & profit
  • Public relations
  • Share price
  • Regulatory risk & compliance
  • Brand damage
  • Inefficient operating processes

Supply Chain Manager

  • Loss of control
  • Inability to track individual products
  • Supply chain inefficiency
  • Lack of visibility of products
  • Open supply chain monitoring
  • Product recall inefficiencies


  • Unable to personalise content
  • Limited consumer engagement
  • Inability to drive brand loyalty
  • Inability to upsell products

GPAS Benefits

  • Direct to customers or print service providers under a variety of flexible commercial arrangements
  • Faster ROI on capital investments, reducing operating costs & much more
  • For print service providers, relationships change from delivering a commodity based service to a business value led offering
  • All services can be delivered direct to customers or print service providers as a Cloud Service offering with no integration required at the printer site
  • Consumer engagement experience can be delivered as:
    • GPAS service offering
    • Co-branded service offering
    • Customer/print service provider branded service offering.