Brand Protection

Since its creation in 2009, GPAS has become the global standard for solving counterfeit, grey market and supply chain challenges surrounding the manufacture and distribution of finished goods.

At the core of any traceability program is the requirement to uniquely identify and track individual products. GPAS maps the clients value chain and the product/shipment changes of custody, business processes and traceability events.

The success of any brand protection and supply chain program is to not only address the business challenges but to deliver credible domain experience and real business value from the solution.

# of Brands

brands protected by GPAS

# of Countries

countries a GPAS code has been scanned

# of Codes

Billion GPAS Codes in circulation

Serialisation & Aggregation

GPAS provides the Brand with visibility of all events across the supply chain from product manufacture to the consumer interaction with the product by deploying non-invasive methods to collect & store all traceability lifecycle events.

  • Unique serialisation at unit level
  • Unit/Case/Pallet/Container associations
  • Business intelligence dash boarding and reporting to deliver insights to support brand protection and traceability activities
  • Business intelligence dashboarding and reporting.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

GPAS’s operational capabilities ensure that brand protection and supply chain managers are provided with the most effective and value add business tools at an operational level via GPAS’s business intelligence dashboards.

These provide real time alerts and notifications related to product supply chain activity. All counterfeit, grey market and supply chain traceability activity is visible through the brand owner dashboard, which incorporates the GPAS business rules engine, allowing for configurable, actionable analytics and alerts.

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