Driving Value from your Serialisation & Traceability Programs

By: Focusing on Supply Chain Efficiency & Brand Protection
Current State of the PharmaCo Value Chain

Recent PharmaCo initiatives have been primarily focused on how best to achieve adherence to serialisation & traceability US, EU & global pharmaceutical regulatory directives. Pharma companies have implemented serialisation and traceability solutions to satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements without considering business and strategic value factors.

In most cases these product serialisation and traceability programs have not included any business value ROI considerations beyond compliance. The resulting technology based solutions were implemented under a ‘cost of sale’ philosophy which have not taken into consideration the strategic value of the data created and the very rich business intelligence value it represents, in simple terms the data is not being put to work through analytic based
solutions to:

  • Measure and manage operational and supply chain efficiencies to increase
  • Benefit from the value that actionable analytics can provide to enable agile
    enterprises respond real-time to active and potential risks and threats relating to the
    PharmaCo brand and supply chain.
  • Operate Anti-Counterfeit & Brand Protection programs that complement and extend
    existing pharmacovigilance efforts beyond the scientific analysis of suspected
    counterfeit drugs and monitoring for adverse drug reactions approach.

A full “Brand 360” approach instead looks to incorporate the following data sources:

  • Physical product and supply chain traceability data
  • IOT device data
  • Online data relating to online illicit sale of pharmaceutical products
  • Social Media and Consumer Sentiment related data
  • As a result the inevitable shift is occurring whereby PharmaCo are looking beyond the business driver of compliance and now seeking to gain real business value from the significant capital investment these programs have required.

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