Consumer Engagement

As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic as well as advancements in e-commerce, consumer preferences and shopping patterns are changing and the scanning of QR codes is becoming ubiquitous. Brands are adapting and renewing relationships with consumers wherever they choose to engage and a simple smartphone scan of a product opens the door to a wider range of value-add interactions that can increase brand loyalty.

At the heart of GPAS is the ability to uniquely serialise or digitize individual products resulting in the ability to create “connected” packages and communicate directly with consumer as well as drive strategic business decisions based on actionable market insights.

Now more than ever, your product’s packaging needs to connect directly with your consumer

Imagine the story your product and packaging can tell…

  • Product information
  • How to information – usage / application
  • Videos
  • Link to other purchases
  • Loyalty / rewards / promotion
  • Join programs – email
  • Promote traceability / sustainability
  • Suggest other products – drive sales