Micro Focus (Formally Hewlett Packard Enterprise) and QBID in partnership with Zycia as the brand launches into the Chinese Market.

Zycia Zycia, means ‘life’ and the company is dedicated to providing the best nutritional advice combined with premium nutritional supplements that work in harmony with Mother Nature to provide optimal pre and postnatal nutrition to promote and support life in its earliest stages. Zycia was founded in 2014 by Tasha Jennings ND and has grown exponentially to become a leading provider of nutritional supplements in Australia.

Quality Brands International Direct (QBID) provides cost effective turn-key solutions for commercial entry into the world’s fastest emerging markets.
QBID is an ethical brand representation service, assisting to expand and manage brand owner networks, launch brands on major e-commerce platforms, develop contacts internationally, provide brand representation at trade shows overseas and facilitate transition to physical shelf space in global markets.
QBID has an official partnership agreement with the leading e-commerce platform providers in China, JD worldwide (JD.com).

GPAS (Global Product Authentication Service) is a brand protection, supply chain track and trace and consumer engagement service. Micro Focus GPAS solves CXO-level issues by delivering real-time business intelligence and analytics to help reduce counterfeit activity, minimise Grey Market diversion and improve supply chain efficiency whilst allowing consumers to identify whether a product is genuine or counterfeit.

To read more download our Micro Focus GPAS QBID & Zycia Case Study