Brand Protection

GPAS tracks events across the product Lifecycle/Supply Chain to point of engagement by Consumers and puts the data to work through robust business intelligence and analytics.

Discover how cryptographically secure serialization provides optimum protection against counterfeiting and grey market diversion.

Key GPAS Value Points:

Identify and shut down Counterfeit or Grey Market sales activity in real-time.

Prevention of damage to the brand image/reputation.

Increased revenue through reversal of counterfeit or grey market sales.

Prevention of potential public safety risks.

Brand investigation support through geo-location specific illicit activity data reporting.

GPAS Serialization Services

Integration with our client’s existing vendors or manufacturers to supply cryptographically secure serial codes or integration with our client’s 3rd party existing serialization processes, to uniquely mark and identify all products.


GPAS operates on open format QR codes allowing consumers and stakeholders to interact with their smartphones without the need to download an app. This results in high participation and therefore high visibility and awareness of illicit activity in the global marketplace.

GPAS Business Intelligence

GPAS’s operational capabilities provide the most effective and value-added business tools at an operational level to manage your product and supply chain. Customisable business rules enable the generation of real time alerts and notifications related to all illicit market activity including interactive dashboards identifying significant changes in grey market activity, profiling counterfeiters & hotspots of counterfeit activity

GPAS Analytics Services

Quite often most brands are not aware of the size, scope, geo location and nature of the illicit activity that is occurring across their brands and supply chain. GPAS Analytics Services analyses the data collected and identifies the patterns in illicit activity to unlock insights that allows brands fully understand their marketplace and be able to respond with strategies that protect their brand and consumers.

Worlwide Proven Technology

GPAS has become the global standard to solving counterfeit, grey market and supply chain challenges surrounding the manufacture and distribution of finished goods. GPAS protects some of the world’s largest and innovative brands across a variety of market sectors.

Comprehensive Scalable Service

GPAS offers a range of services within one flexible and scalable cloud-based framework. Serialization; Overt/Covert protection; Traceability; Real-time Business Alerts and Intelligence; Data Analytics; Blockchain.

Global Enterprise-Level Service Agreement

GPAS provides guaranteed response times and global service availability via 24/7 Hot Desk Support. All aspects of Service Security are fully addressed referencing all applicable standards (ISO 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1&2) and Best Practices.

Robust Roadmap & Innovation

GPAS is both rich and innovative from an RD&I Perspective. GPAS is constantly evolving in support of emerging technologies (IOT, Blockchain, AI, etc.).

Worldwide Resources & Financial Stability

Micro Focus is one of the top ten software companies in the world with $2.9B YoY Revenue and 11,000 employees in 48 countries. We have the resources and financial stability required to support the needs of multinational organizations.

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