Consumer Engagement

GPAS helps brands take advantage of changing consumer shopping preferences and engagement patterns. Delivering a digital touchpoint enabling brands to connect with their customers on a new level.

Build brand loyalty through the digitization of products creating ‘Connected Packages” – Connect with consumers wherever they choose to engage…at home, in-store, etc.

Real-time geo-location of market activity by product.

Seamless integration with loyalty/reward systems.

Comprehensive business intelligence reporting generating actionable insights.

Instant consumer sentiment and feedback.


Digitization of Packaging

At the heart of GPAS is the ability to uniquely serialize or digitize individual products resulting in the ability to create “connected” packages and communicate directly with consumer as well as drive strategic business decisions based on actionable market insights.

GPAS QR Code Technology

Mass consumer engagement is critical for the generation of insightful market data. QR codes are ubiquitous and are based on open format smartphone scanning where no app download is required. Why is this important? – Leading consumer reports indicate that 78% of all consumers across all age demographics will abandon an engagement process with their smartphone if an app is required to be downloaded rendering a zero data capture event.

API Integration

GPAS has a full suite of APIs for seamless integration with 3rd party loyalty and reward platforms.

Bespoke Customization Capabilities

As one of the top 10 software companies in the world, we have the ability to create and customize GPAS to your unique needs.

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