GPAS Brand Ecosystem

GPAS connects with the manufacturing, supply chain, and consumer ecosystems allowing product specific data to be associated and captured at every stage – and puts the data to work for the brand.

GPAS Brand Ecosystem
The brand is connected via real-time data to every stage throughout the product and consumer lifecycles of their products.
GPAS gives every product a unique ID commencing at the finished good level with cryptographically secure, random, and unique serialization codes.
GPAS enables the ability to associate critical product information at each stage of the process – manufacturing date, product specific information, ingredients, batch, lot, expiration data, etc.
Through Track & Trace scalability, GPAS enables complete security and visibility of the supply chain.
The ability to interact with the individual package allows brand marketing teams to create compelling engagements with end consumers.
Consumers have ability to interact with their products to gain insight into the products they love and know and feel secure about their purchase resulting in a strong connection between consumer and brand.

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