GPAS IOT Services

GPAS IOT Services

GPAS enables the monitoring, management and prevention of illicit supply chain and grey market activity. i.e. The diversion of product within the supply chain.

This is achieved through the use of GPAS business rules and activity alerts. These rules are fully configurable to client needs.

GPAS provides an unparalleled view of real-time grey market activity providing a level of situational awareness to these revenue impacting events.

GPAS IoT Solutions

Key GPAS Features

  • Serialisation of finished goods
  • Overt/Covert copy protection mechanisms
  • Full supply chain traceability & visibility
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Security & monitoring
  • Comprehensive consumer engagement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics (aaS)
  • Supply Chain Blockchain
  • IoT (Internet of Things)