GPAS Traceability Services

Value Chain Traceability Services

GPAS maps the client value chain and the product/shipment changes of custody, business processes and traceability events. GPAS enables the data collection and enables business intelligence reporting for actionable analytics and alerts.

  1. GPAS Code Ordering and Fulfilment via API. Inactive GPAS Codes are ordered in blocks, regular intervals, loaded into Client SAP / Manufacturing systems for distribution to the production lines
  2. Production Data Assignment to Code Via API. During the manufacturing process, 8 metadata elements are assigned to the GPAS code for later reporting – API Code made active
  3. GPAS Code Status Management – Authenticate and Activate via API. Pre-Shipping camera tech deployed on the production line verifies readability (Authentication API) of the QR. Activating the code to an Active State.
  4. Shipment Data Assignment to Code via API. Product is packed & added to a shipment – Distributor information is then assigned from the Client backend systems SAP & MOM system
  5. Closed Supply Chain Distribution via API. Shipment (SN) is Updated – Received – Shipped – received with shipment data updated accordingly
  6. Customs Clearance via API or Manual. Shipment (SN) updated Customs Clearance Shipment Event Recorded
  7. Open Supply Chain via GPAS Integration Options x n. Shipment (SN) is received – Shipped – Received with Shipment Data Updated
  8. Consumer Authentication. Product is authenticated, the GPAS Code with Metadata is updated.


GPAS provides the foundation for a strategic partner relationship with clients working enabling them to derive real business value at a program level from traceability. We engage with client to address their key business problems and challenges and enable them accelerate their traceability program value.