Print Service Providers

Value Proposition for Print Service Providers

GPAS can integrate with any printer capable of printing variable data, although we have a strong association with HP Indigo printers.

HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press

GPAS offering will enable a Print Service Provider (PSP) to:

  • Increase the value proposition behind their existing print service offering
  • Create the opportunity for new routes to market for their Label and Flexible Carton Print business.

By ‘Moving up the value chain’ of the services PSP’s can offer, GPAS will provide the PSP with the opportunity to:

  1. Retain existing customers & build existing portfolio
  2. Differentiate themselves in the marketplace from their competitors
  3. Ability to attract new customers and markets whilst concentrating on their core service offering

The GPAS plug-in for HP SmartStream Designer integrates seamlessly into work-flows allowing the creation of sophisticated, custom security jobs through a simple, affordable variable data tool optimized for HP Indigo presses. Based on industry-standard tools, HP SmartStream Designer includes a design software plug-in that can be used to conveniently personalize any print job’s images, text, and colors creating virtually unlimited variations of the design to maximize impact.