Supply Chain Traceability

GPAS provides the client with visibility to all events across the supply chain from product manufacture to the consumer by deploying non-invasive methods to collect & store all traceability lifecycle events.

Comprehensive visibility and monitoring of open and closed supply chains throughout the product and consumer lifecycles

Real-time visibility, traceability, & supply chain security.

Value Chain mapping – closed and open supply chains.

Product/Attribute mapping.

Easy aggregation workflow.

Inventory Management.

Comprehensive reporting & Business Intelligence.

Supply Chain Traceability

Intuitive Cloud based UI

GPAS cloud UI based access to capture and record traceability events.

System Integration Strategy

Webservice/API integration with clients/partners ERP systems (SAP, JDE, etc.) to bring in and share traceability events.

Mobility Flexibility

No App required to scan a GPAS code. Use the camera on any smartphone.

Proven Pedigree/Experience

GPAS was created in 2009 to protect the 9th largest supply chain in the world from counterfeiting and grey market diversion, HP.

Mature Domain Experience

GPAS consultants have credible, demonstratable domain experience and expertise in the traceability and supply chain domain helping 100’s of companies derive real business value from their investments.

System Technology Scalability

GPAS is flexible and modular to accommodate every level of supply chain stakeholder interaction from simple mobile scanning to the most sophisticated and automated ERP production systems.

Integration Knowledge & Experience

GPAS software architects have developed a suite of integration APIs which have been deployed globally in customer manufacturing facilities, 3PL partners, recall centers, and many other production/supply chain locations.

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