GPAS helps brands promote and enable packaging re-use, whilst supporting brand awareness, loyalty & creating an eco-friendly brand image associated with sustainability.

Our actions today have an impact on tomorrow. Learn how unique serialization and messaging support product reuse and recycling strategies

Supports delivery and messaging of social and environmental strategic brand sustainability initiatives to their consumers.

Unlocks rich business intelligence through harnessing product & packaging lifecycle information from a brand’s value chain & the consumer re-use of eco-friendly packaging.

GPAS engaging with the Clients manufacturing partners to enable product/packaging to be individually serialized. GPAS capturing all product & packaging lifecycle events: Packaging manufacture, purchase refill, reuse or recycling.
GPAS enabling the delivery of a sustainable, personalized branded message when the Consumer engages with the product/packaging via a QR barcode scan based on a variety of use cases including packaging re-use and recycling.
GPAS aggregating both product & packaging lifecycle events with consumer engagement use case data into actionable business insights & intelligence.
Academic Collaboration

GPAS has an ongoing collaboration with Professor Dr. Steve Simske of Colorado State University (CSU) the #1 ranked university for sustainability & environmental programs and their School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES). Their joint mission includes “conducting innovative research that leads to new and deeper understanding of sustainability issues” & collaborating with “the public, decision-makers, and other stakeholders to translate discoveries into useful information and practical solutions to pressing environmental problems”.

Suite of Proven Use Cases

Reusable Packaging

Utilization of GPAS unique codes to track the lifecycle of reusable packaging from the point of manufacturing through fill and refill and eventually to the point of disposal.

Recycling Reward Promotion

Utilization of GPAS unique codes to support a brand recycling initiative by

1) serialization of individual products for recycling event reward tracking.

2) Deliver brand reward messaging and recycling center proximity information to the consumer based on consumer’s geo-location.

Product Traceability

Utilization of GPAS traceability data (Sourcing and the path products take to market) to support the overall delivery of brand sustainability and transparency messaging to their consumers

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